Page: Innovate your way to success in 2017

As published online at In a pivotal scene of the movie “Scarface,” Cuban refugee Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) watches as a Pan American blimp passes him overhead with the slogan “The World is Yours” electronically scrolling across its massive side. Although that movie came out more than 30 years ago, that phrase has never been more true than right now.

Patrick Page: How Your Logistics Provider Can Maximize Efficiency, Save Money

As published online at Savannah CEO; December 9, 2016 – Do you remember the tile-matching puzzle video game Tetris made popular in the 1980s? In it, geometric shapes composed of four randomly arranged square blocks fall down the screen. The player’s objective is to manipulate these shapes by moving them sideways or rotating the pieces 90 degrees in order to create a horizontal line of 10 like units. Once the player lines up 10 blocks in a row, they would disappear, making more room for the next blocks falling from the sky.

Page: Understanding Logistics Provider Takes Focus

As originally published in Business In Savannah – Business today practically moves at the speed of light. International trade, fierce worldwide competition, excessive governmental laws and regulations, just-in-time inventories, labor strikes, and various other economic and political factors can all impact our complex supply chain. In such a fast-paced environment – and especially for companies that export their products around the globe – it is imperative to have an international logistics provider looking out for your best interests at all times.

NEWS FLASH: Japan’s ‘Big 3’ to Merge in July

By Eric Johnson – Monday, 2016 October 31 – Japan’s three major ocean carriers – MOL, NYK Line and “K” Line – have agreed to spin off their container divisions and merge them July 1, according to a joint statement released Monday morning in Japan. The carriers have long been mooted as partners in a liner shipping environment where excess capacity and slow demand for containerized goods has hurt the bottom lines of nearly every carrier.

To Clients, Associates, Vendors of Page International:

Effective July 6th, 2020, Page International will be returning to our Remote-Work Policy, under the same parameters that were in effect from March 24th - May 26th. Please reach out to your Page International representative or with any questions you may have. We will continue to update our website as the situation as evolves. As always, thank you for your continued support of Page International.

Page International has been closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 coronavirus intrusion into the United States and want to assure each of you that we are taking the necessary steps to play our part in both mitigating the spread of the virus and keeping our employees safe while also maintaining our service levels during this unprecedented time. As of today, we have no diagnosed cases of COVID-19 among our staff and we have already started preventative measures to safeguard our office employees.

As our home office is located in a hurricane zone in Savannah, GA, we already have in place a tested and proven Disaster Recovery Plan which will set a good baseline as to how we also respond to this situation. With recent large investments in our IT infrastructure and capabilities, we will be implementing an aggressive Remote-Work Policy effective on Tuesday, March 24th which will continue indefinitely and assessed weekly. A part of this plan will be an effort to immediately reduce the staff in our office building by at least 50% and hopefully more as we ensure our service and communication levels are not compromised. Each of our teams, corporate wide, will have alternating schedules i.e. remote and in-office, depending on the demands and business requirement of each of our clients. We recognize that Page International provides comprehensive global supply chain management services and we must be there to ensure, not to prohibit or slow down, the intended movement of cargo over international borders on a constant basis. With this said and as we implement this new policy, please be assured that our staff will be equipped with the latest in virtualized technology, iron-mountain secured servers and other important equipment in Spartanburg, SC, company equipped and enabled mobile devices, laptops and tablets, as well as office phone extension call-forwarding and a variety of other tools to ensure your company's cargo is fully and properly managed no different than our normal operating environment. Additionally, we have temporarily prohibited all non-mandatory visitors to our office not including the USPS, and various courier services or companies similarly in nature.

As always, our top priority is the health of the men and women of Page International who we feel make up the very best in this industry. With that said, I have no doubt that our leadership team and, our staff as whole, will exercise the same great pride and professionalism that they show in our office everyday no matter what location they are at. The next few weeks will no doubt be a unique situation for our company and industry, however, we remain hopeful and optimistic for a quick recovery. 

We appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and, most importantly, your ongoing support of Page International. We recognize we are vital business partners who are all in this together. Please do feel free to contact me or your company representative with any comments, questions or suggestions.

Patrick Page