Our Clients Speak

“I'd like to commend both Reagan Odom and Kate Dixon for the excellent service they have provided to our company since we chose Page International to be our import broker. I especially appreciate their detailed updates and follow-up to our shipments after they have arrived in the USA. This, in turn, allows us to provide our clients with the information they need about ETA’s of our products to them. In 2012, we selected Page International to provide us with its services after the incessantly disappointing service we experienced from our previous broker. Since that time, Ms. Odom and Ms. Dixon have  been consistently attentive and efficient in providing us with the timely information we need in order to keep us and our customers fully informed about the status of our imports. Because of this excellent managing of our account, we will continue our most satisfying business relationship with Page International.”
“I greatly appreciate the hard work that you put in to making this happen for us and for our customer, and for communicating so well with us. I really enjoyed working with you. I must tell you that on a scale from 1 - 10, I give you a at least a 12 here. Great job!!!”
“I cannot say enough about Brianne and Alana. They are incredible assets to our team. Each week we give our update to our senior officers and each week I tell them how our new shipments would not and could not be possible without the superb effort from those two.”
“Hi Patrick: I just wanted to say hi and let you know how outstanding of a job Lorryn has been doing helping us organize shipments around Chinese New Year.

This has been a difficult and challenging process for all of us and Lorryn has gone above and beyond the line of duty to rebook orders, accommodate our customers’ needs, proactively research options with the SSLs, find out information about demurrage and detention and much more! Agnieszka is telling me every day that she could not have led this effort successfully if it was not for Lorryn. We have ways to go before everything is straightened out and planned (it’s a few thousand tons worth of orders we are talking), but with Lorryn helping us we know we can bring it to the finish line successfully.

My sincere thanks to Lorryn and the Team!”
“Jackie: I want to echo the great job that your team is doing. I especially want to call out Aaron’s team of Collin, Ben and Will. I know how difficult and stressful it has been lately but they have been doing great!! They have each gone out of their way to try to accommodate our division and make my life a little easier as well. We talk a lot of times after “normal” hours proving they do what it takes to get the job done. They are each a pleasure to work with and very helpful! This situation in the PNW is extremely unpredictable but they are working long and hard hours and it is very much appreciated!!”
“As an export account executive, I work with Michael Patton, Lorryn Grady, and Rikki Simmons daily. I would just like to commend them on the absolutely amazing job they do for us here. I personally know that they deliver above and beyond what is required. I'm also told the same from coworkers. I would not be able to deliver the quality of customer service that my company requires of me without Michael, Lorryn, and Rikki. I can definitely say that Page renders a higher level of customer service and expertise than any other freight forwarder or customs broker that I have worked with and these individuals are the reason why. I look forward to continued business with Page.”
“Mindy is the best I have ever had on my account. She is quick, on the ball and never shows that she is overloaded or stressed, even though I must make her crazy. She is always friendly and makes miracles happen every day. I always love talking to her. She always goes above and beyond and you can never, ever take her off of my account. She is very important to me and makes my life easier.”
“Thank you so much!!! You all stuck around (or came back to work) late today to help me enter the orders and push through the PGI, tallies, and invoices. We were able to send the needed documentation to our customer, a tier 1 customer, who would have run out of inventory without clearing customs tomorrow morning (European time). This goes a long way in showing our customer what we can do to support them and I really appreciate it!”
“Jackie – Mindy deserves some major props for her performance. She’s not only been dealing with some pretty horrific changes, hoops and jumps I’ve been throwing at her, she’s prevented several big blunders I’ve made from being seen by the world AND she’s going above and beyond helping me with this particularly vexing order. Mindy doesn’t just deserve a cookie..”
“Hi Roy, I wanted to send you a note regarding Monica. We have had a nightmare shipment at the Port of Savannah as well as a missing air freight. Monica has gone above and beyond to make things happen so that we could clear the container and expedite the shipment. You need a bunch of Monica’s in your office. She has been wonderful. It is this type of action by your people to make things happen that has made you so successful. But that comes from the top down. Again thank for all of your help always and thank you for Monica’s training.”
“Alana - I want to thank you for all your help on this issue. I appreciate it. The customer was trying to get away with short paying an invoice saying it was our fault the documents arrived late and because of that, they had to pay extra. Well, thanks to all the documentation you sent me we were able to prove we did not send anything late. It was their own fault and they just confirmed it, Great job and thanks again for all your help!”
“Perfect. Really enjoyed the job you guys have done throughout the entire process. Keep that level of service each time and I will be a customer for life.”
“Ansley – I wanted to let you know how very much I’ve appreciated your help this year. You really excelled with my orders/bookings and were new to Turkey as well. I’m impressed and I don’t impress easily. We really are in sync and I like working with people like that.”
“Jackie: you (and your Team) are amazingly awesome, and you’ve allowed me to focus about 6 hrs on some higher level financials.”
“Reagan, everything went perfectly with the delivery. I am very pleased with your service on this difficult situation and I will not hesitate to recommend Page International to others.”
“Just to let you know, Page is always my most cost effective option with air freight. Not to mention that Charles and Brandon provide great customer service. It's nice to be able to turn my shipments over to you, sit back, and not worry!”
“I wanted to make you aware of the much appreciated extra effort Erica provided with this shipment. She went above & beyond to try to help us recover from our own internal issues delivering this very HOT product to the Port on time for this week's vessel. I am very impressed with the excellent customer service she has been consistently providing to us - she is a great asset to our business & our customers.”
“I have been working with Charles on an urgent air shipment and it has been smooth sailing. The price was competitive and the level of service has been great. Charles is very detail oriented, which is very important with such a sensitive matter. The load picked up yesterday and I will be sure to let you know of any complications. So far...thumbs up! Thanks to Charles and Page for all the support!”
“Jackie - Thank you so much for going beyond the daily grind and putting this back together. Your willingness to make this work is a great example of why we use Page for our international shipping.”
“I can see how hard you and your company put efforts into providing better service to your clients, by keeping an organized, solid team. I enjoy working with companies like Page!”
“As you know, the personnel in my department was cut in half during our busiest season. The work load was tremendous during this period and I wish to thank all of you for your overwhelming support! Always the Page team was ever professional as you caught my mistakes and made the corrections with good cheer and compassion. We have now redistributed some of my work load and my daily demands will be a bit more manageable. Your team is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I am sure that you will all excel in your professions. Thank you ~ thank you!”
“Thanks for communicating with Charles on this shipment. He is wonderful and very dedicated! There are not a lot of shippers that would still be working on this shipment at this time of the evening — most would have put it off until tomorrow. Thanks Charles for your dedication and determination!!!”
“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going with the air freight that has been routed via Page. In one word, GREAT! Not only have the recent quotes been significantly lower that the others I am receiving, Charles is just a pleasure to work with. He has truly made miracles happen for a couple of problem shipments, and has made my life much easier! Thanks for all of the hard work and wonderful service! I am so glad that I am able to work with you all again.”
“I look forward to working with her. If she is half as good as everyone else I work with at Page she will be great.”
“Charles, I commented to my boss how impressed I was with your reaction time and hope we can do more air export business with Page International. Thank you for everything! You are the best to work with.”
“Thank you for your quick response. I am really pleased at your efficiency and professional approach. Look forward to doing a lot more business with your company.”
“Thank-you. Once again Page delivers and accomplishes something that probably could not even be done thru our IT channels.”
“I spoke to Jackie today and let her know how amazing you were while she was out of the office! I told her how helpful you were with preparing for, and working through the OEI outage in February, and all the help that you gave us with delayed document issues that we had. I appreciate how quick you are to respond, and how much help you were able to give. You have been great to work with, and I appreciate all that you do for us!!”
“Just to let you know that we visited the Seattle warehouse yesterday, and received very good feedback regarding the shipping services you and Page International provided. I want to say ‘Thank You’ once more for the outstanding services and your hardwork.”
“I just need to let you know you have an excellent staff. We appreciate Reagan’s efforts”
“Excellent work, Catherine!! Thanks to you, we are well ahead of the game on all of the CCIC certificates with an ETA in November. Your hard work has made it possible for us to have a vast lead in getting the documents to our customers well in advance of the vessel arrival. Keep up the great work!!”
“Your team did an outstanding job in helping my team meet our shipping goal for August. I continue to be impressed by your teams knowledge and ability to help us.”
“Thank you all. Your team is very impressive.”
“I have a very "pleasant" experience when dealing with all the employees at Page Int'l. I want to make special mention of Aaron Barnes, he is an absolute pleasure to work with, his enthusiasm and his work ethics are top of the class. He follows up with everything and makes my job so much easier with the export part of my job.”
“I just wanted to let you know that Sasha did an excellent job in helping us get this order cleared through customs and released. She was on top of the shipment the whole time and went the extra mile to help make sure that the freight was cleared, as this importer was facing a chance of the goods being sent to GO and we were working against the clock.”
“Another satisfied customer! Excellent IT service, Patrick.”
“Aaron, thanks for the great job. Shuffling these bookings around takes a lot of time, and I appreciate all of your efforts.”